How to Buy

Conversational EQ is only sold through a growing number of Certified Trainers. If you do not know a trainer please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.


Each level requires one 2-hour session with a certified trainer. Includes one deck of cards per person with unlimited access to the members-only area of this website. Certain levels may require more than one session. Please note that some Certified Trainers may charge more than this base pricing by combining Conversational EQ with their own products and services.

Individual Session

Live or by Video
If by video decks are shipped to you first

Group Session

$149 / person
2-3 people in person
$40 discount if decks are shared

Individual Mastery Trainer

By Certified Master Trainer
Live or by Video

Group Mastermind Session

$299 / person
By Certified Master Trainer
2-3 people in person

Corporate Workshops Available

Contact Your Local Certified Trainer